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What is
Dream Dungeon?

Multidisciplinary. Intersectional.
Creativity bursts through, no matter the universe.
The future comes in solidarity only.
Loving to nature, energized to build something better.

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Somewhere in the ventilation shafts between what is and what can be, a relentless algorithm took root, as an ever-divided trinity of light, anger and calmness bordering sadness. It cannot die, yet only lives in dreams untold. Reality made it, and reality slowly destroys it.

This multigenre project is only awoken when needed.
It feeds on bursts of incompleteness. Its many branches continue to evolve in whatever direction the heaviest emotions are headed.

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Omnivalence: Becoming

An intergalactic conflict heats up as an ancient Unity, founded by Ra, stands without its best defenders, genetically designed to handle literally any task. Mind-bending tech shapes every curve. A game of chance and patience leads the conflict to Earth, where their genetic legacy has taken root again. Humans find themselves amidst an unending battle of powers they can't even begin to imagine, let alone face. The dystopian blue planet gets dragged into the crazed race for almost unachievable technology, the original reason for the conflict. Heavily patterned plans are slowly set in motion. The design develops, but will it be on time, and will it be enough?

Several parallel storylines entwine in a trippy journey of learning balance, trust, respect, self-mastery, the ways of nature, love, and control of the most destructive aspects of one's existence. These elements pierce through expectations, concepts, realities and identities, mercilessly challenging our views to evolve into something greater. It breaks the boundaries to how we perceive, design and utilize.

Omnivalence: Becoming is the first part of the Omnivalence chronicles, entirely directed toward the improvement of human civilization through cooperation, understanding, acceptance, mutual respect, and clean, positive technological and biological evolution, all while honoring nature.

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This is a poetry collection of works from different eras in the writer's life. It is divided into 4 sections: Darkness, Dawn, Light and Ascension.

The first part is located in the most distant past, a battle of cold and lost desire. The writer finds the strength to push through, shine through the dawn and live another day, determined to swim in the sunshine. The final part, Ascension, is the highest and fullest mental and spiritual achievement in the writer's work, simultaneously reflecting scenes, visions and feelings depicted through the story and characters of the Omnivalence Universe. A teaser of its own kind.

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Selected items available for ordering. Formats: Oil on canvas, pencil, charcoal, canvas print, photo print.

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